Sitemap - 2023 - Silver Bulletin

SBSQ #4: A review of The Sphere, and a Happy New Year

Nikki Haley could be the new John McCain

Why liberalism and leftism are increasingly at odds

The incumbency advantage is disappearing. Maybe it's the algorithms' fault.

SBSQ #3: Forget the polls — has Joe Biden been a good president?

The McDonald's theory of why everyone thinks the economy sucks

What's the deal with Biden's poor polling with young voters?

Las Vegas is a good bet for baseball

If Biden can't run a normal campaign, he should step aside

The GOP is in a Trump trap

160 million Americans are eligible to be president. How did we end up with these two dudes again?

Free speech is in trouble

SBSQ #2: Should Democrats be excited about special election results?

Are these hopeless Republican candidates ever going to quit?

How good will Victor Wembanyama be?

Inside the deranged mind of Twitter's 'For You' algorithm

It's easy to screw up on breaking news. But you have to admit when you do.

The game theory of the Republican speakership crisis

NBA Western Conference preview

NBA Eastern Conference preview

When you pick a VP, you're picking a future presidential nominee

Will the New York Times ever quit Twitter?

RFK Jr. probably won't hurt Biden. He might even help him.

Fine, I'll run a regression analysis. But it won't make you happy.

The 2 key facts about US Covid policy that everyone should know

Does Damian Lillard make the Bucks the best team in the East?

It's probably too late not to nominate Biden

Subscriber questions #1: Is Dallas on the Atlantic Coast?

The election model is a little too popular

Is a Trump-Biden rematch inevitable?

Journalism needs more Taylor Swift reporters

Not everyone who disagrees with you is a closet right-winger

Soft launch of paid subscriptions

It's gonna be a very long and exceptionally tedious road to November 2024

Democrats think Kamala Harris would lose to Trump. Polls say they're probably right.

Of course Biden's age is a legitimate voter concern

Does New York City have the world's best food?

Ramaswamy and the physics of multi-candidate primaries

Trump is not inevitable in Iowa

Podcast with Ethan Strauss

OK, so what's your college football master plan?

Twitter, Elon and the Indigo Blob

Ron DeSantis's electoral track record is worse than I thought

Journalists should be skeptical of all sources — including scientists

What it's like to run deep in the WSOP Main Event (Part 1)

Polling averages shouldn't be political litmus tests

Anatomy of a poker tournament

The Nuggets were hiding in plain sight

My 4-step plan for non-fiction book writing

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